Sponsor a Bench or Planter

Honor the memory of a relative, friend, or a birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement or other special event with a Commemorative Bench or Planter!

Your tax-deductible donation to Cape Charles Main Street (CCMS) will serve as a tribute while also helping our Town of Cape Charles become a more beautiful and comfortable community for our residents and visitors!

CCMS will install a recognition plaque on every Commemorative Bench or Planter.


You may request Strawberry Plaza, Mason Ave., Strawberry St. (Between Mason Ave. and Randolph St.), or on the Cape Charles Harbor side that has a suitable bench available for sponsorship.  A new bench may only be installed in locations approved by CCMS.

Bench recognition plaques will typically be up to 4″ x 10″ with ½” lettering. Wording for the plaque is subject to approval by CCMS.

Bench Sponsorship Levels:

  • New Bench – $1,750
  • Existing Bench – $695


Planters may have a plaque on one side or both sides.

Planter levels:

  • One side – $395
  • Both sides – $695

PLEASE NOTE: If sponsoring an existing or new bench, you may request a preferred location on a first come first served basis. We will try our best to honor your preference. However, placement is not guaranteed and subject to VDOT regulations on streets such as Mason Ave. where they control the sidewalks. We are not allowed to place benches or planters where they may hinder foot traffic or wheelchair access.

Click Sponsor a Planter or Sponsor a Bench to learn more.